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Natural Remedies VS. Professional Lash Growth Serums

Eyelashes not only have the role to protect our eyes, but they can also flatter our appearance in a great way. Still, although these accessories can make eyes look more beautiful and enhance one’s overall aspect, not everyone is blessed with long, luscious lashes. Therefore, women are in a constant search of solutions that would make their eaves look longer and fuller, and for achieving the same aspect that Hollywood celebrities have. Some of us choose to use a professional eyelash growth serum, while others prefer to make their own natural remedy for increasing their lashes’ length. So, let’s find out which method is more effective!

Natural Remedies VS. Professional Lash Growth Serums Picture Natural Remedies VS. Professional Lash Growth Serums Picture

The benefits of using natural remedies

While most people don’t know is that our body needs certain ingredients in order to grow hair in a natural way. Therefore, when we don’t keep a healthy diet, we have to deal with a huge hair loss, but also with skin damage and other inconveniences. However, there are cases when the body can’t assimilate certain vitamins and nutrients from food, so we have to help our lashes from the exterior. Opting for applying a home remedy to the roots of your lashes can really help them grow longer, and the best part is that natural remedies can’t cause any side effects. Since most of the DIY serum are based on olive oils, vitamin E and aloe vera , they don’t contain ingredients that can cause adverse reactions. So, comparing with professional lash growth serums that we can find on the market, this represents a great advantage.

The advantages of using professional lash growth serums

Using a professional eyelash growth serum every night before going to sleep can offer you faster results than using a home made remedy. Although most of these products are not 100% natural, they can double the length of your eaves, helping you to save tones of mascara and other cosmetics. Furthermore, an eyelash promoter can help your lashes grow stronger, preventing them from falling out, and offering you long-lasting results. So, the difference between professional serums and natural remedies is that professional serums have a higher concentration of effective ingredients. Therefore, you will be able to see great improvements in only a few weeks after starting to use them. Our advice is to combine these two methods of growing longer lashes by searching for a natural professional serum. Giving the large number of products that exist on the market, you can be confident that you will find something that will meet your expectations. All you have to do is analyze all your options, and try to choose the most effective and safe product.