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What Should You Look for in a Lash Growth Serum?

Nowadays, mostly any self respected cosmetic brand features at least one lash growth serum. The price for such a product can range anywhere between $9 and way over $100 dollars. However, without any expertise in the field of hair growth, you can’t really know how to choose the right lash growth serum. Moreover, you may have noticed by now that the most expensive product isn’t also the most efficient one. Therefore, if you are asking yourself what you should look for in a lash growth serum, stick with us as we are about to uncover the secrets of these miracle remedies.

What Should You Look for in a Lash Growth Serum Picture What Should You Look for in a Lash Growth Serum Picture


The most efficient ingredients in the lash growth process are peptides, polypeptides in particular which are made of good amino acids that protect hair against damage and maintain its youthful appearance. A good lash growth serum should also contain actual amino acids as well as a good share of vitamins such as B5, B7, H and so on. Some serums also feature ingredients which add luster to the lashes such as soybean oil. In fact mostly all hair growth serums have an oily base. These are all natural ingredients which can be found in numerous serums. None of these ingredients are dangerous in any way. Nevertheless, there are other products such as Latisse, which contain more controversial ingredients.

Are prescription serums better?

Latisse is, as far as we know, the only prescription lash growth serum. This product contains bimatoprost, a synthetic drug used for the treatment of glaucoma. In fact, Latisse was discovered accidentally, when the doctors noticed that the patients who were treated for glaucoma grew thicker and longer eyelashes. Nevertheless, you should know that there are solid reasons why Latisse can be purchased solely with a doctor’s prescription. The reason for that is the fact that it can come with numerous side effects (rashes, eyelid puffiness, inflammations and burning sensations). Most side effects go away if you stop using the product in question. However, there have been some isolated cases of permanent side effects which involved eye color changes. Therefore, our advise would be to avoid such a drastic measure, and to be on the lookout for online products that may contain bimatoprost. Furthermore, under no circumstance should you use glaucoma medication for the shear desire of longer and thicker eyelashes.

What about non FDA approved medication?

The answer to this question seems pretty obvious but we will discuss it nevertheless. FDA may be a very strict organization. Therefore, you might be asking yourself if it is not overdoing it. After all, if something is approved in France, why wouldn’t it be safe. The thing is that when you are buying something online, you can’t really trust what the label says. It may say made in France but the product could actually be made in some god-forsaken country. Therefore, if something isn’t FDA approved, forget all about it. There are plenty of FDA approved products that you can try and there are even some homemade lash growth remedies that have proven to be efficient.