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Tips for Protecting Your Eyelashes

Having long and flirty eyelashes is every girl’s dream, which is why we must try our best to protect our lashes and prevent them from falling out. Giving all the aggressions that we expose them to, our lashes can become very fragile, and easy-to-break. Everyone knows how important looks are, and how important eyelashes are in a woman’s overall appearance. They can make the eyes look bigger and they can improve one’s aspect in a great way. Feeling attractive can boost your self-confidence, so if you want to continue to use your lashes as a weapon of seduction, we advise you to use the following tips that will help you avoid damage and other inconveniences.

Tips for Protecting Your Eyelashes Picture Tips for Protecting Your Eyelashes Picture

Don’t go to bed with mascara on

Many women don’t know how toxic mascara is for the hair follicles, so they are not aware of the damage that can be produced by going to bed with mascara on. Most people rub their eyes during the night, which can result into eyelash loss, and even if you don’t rub your eyes, mascara dries the lashes, making them more fragile and more prone to breakage. Moreover, it can block your pores, leading to skin irritations and other inconveniences. Therefore, you should get rid of any type pf pore-clogging cosmetics before going to bed. That can help you protect your eyelashes, but it can also prevent the appearance of premature wrinkles.

Stop using eyelashes curlers

If you like to use an eyelash curler in order to enhance your upper lashes, you should know that this type of action can affect in a negative way your lashes’ elasticity. Furthermore, too much pressure can result into an unintended lash trim, damaging your entire aspect. Curling your lashes daily can do more harm than wearing false lashes, because continual trauma to hair follicles can cause a greater damage in time. Therefore, we advise you to look for another way to enhance your image, especially since there are so many products that can promote lash growth on the market.

Search for a professional eyelash growth serum

Not only that an eyelash serum can prevent your lashes from falling out, but it can also help them grow longer and thicker. There are many products that contain healthy ingredients which can stimulate hair growth in a great way. Therefore, we advise you to search for an eyelash growth serum that is based on vitamins, proteins and other ingredients that have the role to nourish the hair follicles and help them grow stronger. Experts recommend women to apply the serum at the roots of their lashes before going to sleep, so that the serum will have enough time to take action. Depending on the brand that you decide to use, the results can be seen in about 3-5 weeks.