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Natural Remedies for Longer Lashes

Due to all the aggressions that we expose them to, eyelashes become more fragile and weaker, which can result into serious falling out. A lack of nutrients in your diet, frequent rubbing your eyes, and going to sleep with mascara on are just a few of the factors that can affect your lashes. Furthermore, many women use an eyelash curler for enhancing their appearance, but this type of action can lead to breakage, because in case that you apply too much pressure on your lashes, they will weaken, and they will become more brittle. Therefore, you should use natural remedies for longer lashes as an alternative to mascara and eyelash curlers.

Natural Remedies for Longer Lashes Picture Natural Remedies for Longer Lashes Picture

Enrich your eyelashes with homemade serums

Since lashes are considered a sign of beauty and a weapon of seduction, you should opt for a home remedy to make them look fuller and longer. One of the best ideas that you can use to improve your aspect is to make your own natural serum that will help you repair the damaged lashes, and encourage the growth of healthy ones. Here are some effective ingredients that you can use to achieve your goal:

  • Olive oil

This natural remedy is a great aid when it comes to growing longer lashes because it contains nutrients that help the hair follicles grow faster and stronger. Therefore, you can use it without mixing it with any other ingredient. All you have to do is dip an applicator with olive oil, and apply on your eyelashes before going to bed. In order for the action to take place, you shouldn’t wash it until morning.

  • Lemon peel and castor oil

Mixing lemon peel with castor oil will offer you a great solution for adding more volume to your lashes. However, keep in mind that you must leave the mix for about a week so that the oil will have time to get infused with the lemon peel’s qualities. Take note that this treatment won’t offer you immediate results, so you’ll have to wait a few months before seeing any improvement.

Try a natural eyelash growth serum

Although most women don’t trust these types of aids, there are many eyelash growth promoters which contain herbal ingredients that can’t cause any side effects. Most Hollywood celebrities use lash enhancing serums to achieve a better look, and the outcome is amazing. These products can deliver fast results, as in some cases you can see a difference in only 3 weeks, so all you have to do is search for a reliable brand. We advise you to opt for serums that are based on almond oil, because they are rich in vitamin E, which is a great lash growth promoter. One of the best serums that we recommend is the Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum, an all natural aid that can help you double the length of your lashes in just 8 weeks.