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Does Mascara Damage Your Eyelashes?

Looking neat and clean is very important when it comes to making a great impression, and that is why women use a wide range of cosmetics and enhancement products. Receiving compliments for your aspect can help you boost your self-confidence, which is essential for feeling more powerful and secure with yourself. Still, not all beauty products are safe, and while mascara might make your lashes look longer and luscious, it can also cause a long-term damage to your hair follicles.

Does Mascara Damage Your Eyelashes? Picture Does Mascara Damage Your Eyelashes? Picture

How can mascara affect your eyelashes?

Using mascara with regularity can have some serious consequences on your eyelashes, because most of these products contain chemicals that dry the lashes, making them very fragile and more prone to breakage. Furthermore, there are many women who go to sleep with mascara on, as they are too tired to remember to wash their face, or they simply don’t think that mascara is that dangerous. The truth is that not washing mascara off after each application can result into clogged pores that can inhibit the growth of eyelashes and cause infections. Furthermore, during the night, this product can get in the eyes, which can have some serious repercussions on your sight.

Waterproof mascara can make matters even worse

Waterproof mascara is very difficult to remove, which is why women have to make big efforts in order to prevent breakage. We advise those who want to look good even when they are at the beach to use a waterproof eyeliner instead of mascara. That will allow them to highlight their eyes in the same way, but without causing any inconveniences.

How to protect your eyelashes?

It is important to maintain a diet that can provide your body with the vitamins and nutrients that it needs to stay healthy. However, there are many other tricks that you can use to protect your lashes. There are various eyelash growth promoters that can help you add more volume and length to your lashes without causing any side effects. Therefore, we advise you to opt for a professional serum to ensure that even if you are using mascara daily, your lashes will stay strong and healthy. This type of aid is very easy to use, because all you need to do to is apply the serum to the outer line of the eyelids like you would normally apply an eyeliner. Since the ingredients need a proper amount of time to be absorbed into the skin, we advise you to apply it in the evening, before going to bed, and wash it off when you wake up in the morning.